Do You Need A Website Critique?

Do You Need A Website Critique?

And what to expect from it?

When you build a website, it’s essential to ensure that it looks great and functions well.

However, if you have a website that is not getting enough inquiries, people check it, but they don’t sit for long, or the overall appearance is crap, you might be unsure if your website is up to par.

That’s where a website critique comes in…

Yes, we know you are wondering what a website critique is…


A website critique is done by expert marketers that analyze a website’s design, usability, and content. During the process, the expert considers all aspects of the site, including its navigation, layout, color scheme, and overall appearance. They also take the time to view if it meets the needs of your target audience.

Amazing, right? A group of people telling you that your website sucks.

We are sorry for that… well, not really.

With this concept in mind, we have gathered a few reasons why you need to get a website critique:


  1. Your website’s design is dated and needs a refresh.
  2. Your website’s layout is cluttered and difficult to navigate.
  3. Your website’s color scheme is jarring and unappealing.
  4. Your website’s overall look is unprofessional.


Another question we are sure you are having right now is why this is important for you and your company’s success.

Well, if you’re running a business, it’s essential to have a well-designed website that’s easy to use. Making your site more user-friendly will make it easier for customers to find what they need and make purchases.

Additionally, if your website isn’t achieving the desired results, a website critique can help you pinpoint the areas that need improvement. It is a necessary tool for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a website.

If you’re thinking of having a website critique done, it’s a great idea!


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