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Hi! I’m Rachel, owner of Zero Bull Agency and the one actually creating your personalized Zero Bull Action Plans.

Some people call me the Bull Master, others call me the Head Rockstarr.

I’d give you some BS about who I am, but you don’t actually care about that. If you do, check out my personal website or my LinkedIn profile.

You probably have some more pressing questions for me, so let’s get started.

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Q: Why the name Zero Bull?

We are blunt, direct and to the point. We tell you like it is and help you achieve results.

If we have to play word games where I fluff how I approach your marketing, you aren’t the client for us. We won’t be able to get you results because we will be spending our time making you feel good rather than addressing the elephant in the room: your website.


Q: What makes you qualified to do a website critique (aka who do you think you are?)?

I’d start at the beginning and tell you about my love of fixing brand’s taglines from the time I was a kid. But that doesn’t cut it. Majoring in psychology, I studied perception, social cognition, and social psychology. The degree was a jumping point to head into the world of printing, advertising and marketing.

I’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes, but my favorite was helping Verizon Wireless re-build their entire website from the ground up focusing on the user experience. Why in the world would any Apple user visit the Verizon website as a customer (that should know them) and only experience Android promotions? They shouldn’t. The experience should be seamless (if you have the money and resources to make it happen).

If that wasn’t enough, I jumped to the world of Ticketmaster where I helped to rebuild one of their divisions’ marketing from a few static data sheets to a full set of sales enablement materials and websites for small clubs and venues. The clientele was blunt and direct. It was the perfect way to test my zero bull approach to marketing. Sales jumped, clients raved and more importantly, ticket sales were rocking.

Now I run Rockstarr & Moon, the anti-agency agency. It’s our core belief that every business deserves Rockstarr Marketing. We empower aspiring rockstarr business owners to SUCCESSFULLY START, BUILD, AND GROW their business so that they can create the lives they’ve dreamed of for themselves, their families, and their communities.

It isn’t just my work experience that I’m relying on as I have credentials from both MECLABS and DigitalMarketer for Landing Page Optimization, Ecommerce, Data Analysis, Optimization and Testing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Value Proposition Development.


Q: What can you do for my company?

We will provide a list of actionable changes you can make to improve your website and get more clients, leads and sales with a Zero Bull approach. Just real advice from real marketers for real companies.


Q: How much does a Zero Bull Action Plan cost?

We have options for budgets of all sizes. If you want a quick report on a single webpage, we can do that. I can tell you how you come across, if your message is real or fluff, and the few things you can do to improve conversion and messaging on that page.

If you have a larger budget, we will dive into the data, your ideal client and give you a full analysis of how to optimize the website, improve conversions and connect with your ideal customer.

Get started today.


The Zero Bull Agency is a division of Rockstarr & Moon, a creative powerhouse that works as a bolt-on marketing team to deliver Rockstarr Marketing for businesses who want to maximize their impact. Give our team a shout today.

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